4 Reasons You May Need A New Water Heater

Your home’s water heater does a lot to keep you comfortable and warm. Can you imagine living without a water heater, and having to heat things up manually? If you are building a new home, Sal Plumbing can assist you with a new water heater installation. Our team can also help you with water heater repairs if the system has minimal damages. If you are unsure about needing a new heater, continue reading to find out about the warning signs.

Water Heater Replacement Signs

1. Your water heater stops producing hot water. Whether it does not create any hot water or provides you with hot water for just a few minutes, this probably means its life is coming to an end. With an efficient working heater, you are supposed to receive hot water all year round. If you are currently experiencing a shortage of hot water, unfortunately, it can only go downhill from there. A new water heater will resolve this issue and should be installed as soon as possible.

2. Your hot water has a rusted smell and taste to it. Rust is a universal sign of an old heater that is just not functioning correctly. When your water begins to smell metallic and even tastes bad, this means that particles and flaking are occurring from your tank. When a tank is old, particles start to peel off and combine with the water you shower in, brush your teeth in, and wash dishes with.

water heater install

3. Your water heater is leaking. A leaky water heater is a big sign of damage which needs to be replaced immediately. A simple way to check for leaks is by going up to the heater and seeing if there are any puddles of water around it. The older the tank, the more likely this is to happen. Eventually, the heater leak can spread through your floors and cause a flood.

4. You aren’t sure when you installed your water heater. Not keeping track is a standard issue that homeowners experience. If you cannot remember when you installed it, most likely it was over ten years ago. Once a water heater hits the 10 and 15-year mark, it’s most likely time to swap it out for a brand new one.

Our specialists can easily do water heater installations at Sal Plumbing. We hope that these warning signs have helped you figure out if your property needs help from a professional plumber. If you are experiencing these issues, give us a call today. Our team will come out and assist you with a water heater repair and free consultation!

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