Got a Clogged Toilet? Here’s Why It Happened

If you haven’t personally clogged a toilet before, you most likely have heard of someone close to you who has. Unfortunately, this is a very common issue that occurs in both residential and commercial properties. Are you currently experiencing a clogged toilet in your home? Calling a plumbing contractor to fix your toilet is the best solution. Sal Plumbing, affordable plumbers in Southern California, is here to assist with any clogged issues.


3 Reasons for Clogged Toilets


The first reason why your toilet may be clogged is because of an excessive amount of toilet paper. Imagine how much toilet paper goes down your toilet every day, especially if you have a big family. It is very crucial to remember to use the smallest amounts of paper possible, to prevent clogging from happening. If you must use a large quantity of toilet paper, try flushing the toilet several times during your bathroom use, so that the amount you use goes through smoothly. Another item that can easily clog a toilet is baby wipes. Since most young children use these thick wipes to get themselves clean, flushing seems like the only sanitary way to dispose of them. By flushing away several layers of baby wipes, you are at a higher risk of a toilet clog. It is necessary to practice more flushing or minimal paper use when going to the restroom.


The second reason can be due to feminine products used for hygiene. These products can enlarge when submerged underwater, which can stop water flow from consistently going in and out of the toilet. If you have ever noticed public restroom signs that say “do not flush feminine hygiene products” they are spreading awareness and taking action. Public restrooms provide you with a small trash compartment on the side of your stall so you can throw these products away. The same should be done in a residential property as well.

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The third reason your toilet can get clogged is if you throw things down there that should not be flushed. For example, young children can play with toys such as firetrucks, small race-cars, dolls, etc. and can accidentally drop a toy in the toilet. That accidental moment can cause a lot of damage if the toy is not taken out in time. If this problem happens, the one thing to remember is: do not flush the toilet. Try finding something to scoop the toy out with, or using your hands to get it out.


We hope that these three reasons for a clogged toilet can give you a better understanding of how they can happen. Of course, there are other reasons for a blockage, but these are the most common ones we have experienced. If you are currently dealing with a clogged toilet, call our plumbing contractors today for help. We will quickly get our team to come out and assist you, before the problem worsens. Our affordable plumbers will be by your side with any service you may need! Click here to get started. 

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