Professional Drain Cleaning Is Crucial

Many drains run through residential properties. From the kitchen to each bathroom in a home, pipes are an essential aspect of a well-functioning property. If you think your home needs professional drain cleaning, our plumbing contractor Los Angeles can quickly assist you. The experts at Sal Plumbing will explain why getting this service done by a professional is so crucial.

The Power of Drain Cleaning

Clogged drains are an issue that often happens in residential properties, but can easily be fixed. By routinely scheduling a maintenance appointment with Sal Plumbing, a clogged drain will be less likely to occur due to inspections.

professional drain cleaners

Here is why drain cleaning is vital for your kitchen:

We cook a lot of different foods in the kitchen, with many ingredients that follow. Fats from meat, oils from pots and pans, and grease from leftover food can all slip down the garbage disposal while we wash our dishes clean. As the garbage disposal does a great job of preventing any food clogs, there is always a chance that a clog may occur due to grease and fat build up. Over time, grease and fat will turn into harder solids and prevent a smooth flow of water and food from going down your drains. A clogged kitchen drain can cause a stench in your sinks, allowing for the area to be unhygienic. Clogged kitchen sinks may seem like a serious issue, but Sal Plumbing can give your drains a detailed cleaning, so this problem does not persist in the future.

Here is why drain cleaning is essential for your bathrooms:

The most common drain clogs we see are from showers. This is because of hair build-up and soap residue. Let’s face it, we all shed hair now and then, especially women. All of the hair you dropped while rinsing off goes down the shower drain, which can severely clog. Hair clogs are a more difficult issue during the removal process, as it gets clumped together into big bundles. Soap build-up thickens over time until your shower water does not go down the drain as quickly and smoothly as it should.

To prevent less hair and soap debris in your shower or bathtub drains, we recommend getting a drain cover. Although it won’t completely protect the drain, it is better than leaving a wide open hole for easier access.

Sal Plumbing, a plumbing contractor in Los Angeles, is here to offer you $59 professional drain cleaning services. Are you ready to take the next step and improve the drains in your home? Call us today to schedule an appointment!

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