Sewer Repair

SAL Plumbing and rooter is a sewer repair expert ,we provide video inspection services ,we will inspect the sewer line with a state of the art video camera ,we will locate the pipe ,the damage section and mark it, we will provide you with an accurate price to preform the repairs.

Sewer Replacement

Sal Plumbing and rooter has the most advanced and latest equipment to perform sewer replacement ,wether it is a trench-less if we have to replace the pipe under a drive way ,or a trench replacement.

Sewer Liner

Sal Plumbing and rooter is also a provider of sewer liner ,that is a new technology that allows us in most cases to install a new PVC sleeve in to the old existing pipe and to keep the old pipe ,it is a system that will save money to the home owner.

Video Inspection

Sal Plumbing and rooter is a provider of an in line video inspection services.


Repipe of the water main service line

SAL Plumbing and rooter is a service provider of a water main replacement by excavating the dirt from the city meter to the property.

Copper repiping

SAL Plumbing and rooter repipe galvanized water system at houses and an apartment buildings , we use the best materials and by repiping you property you can save water from leaks that are not always are seen to the eye ,all of galvanized pipe are due to replace and has a lot of bad symptoms ,like brown water hot and cold shocks in the shower ,sediments in the water, leaks and moreā€¦

Pex repiping

Sal Plumbing and rooter is also using Pex pipe in some cases to repipe a water system, it is less costly then copper.


Gas line installation and replacement

We install and replace gas lines for pool heaters, tankless water heaters, BBQ, Fire Pits etc…

Automatic earthquake gas shut off valve

We installĀ automatic earthquake gas shut off valve on the gas meter for residential and commercial

Gas gravity heaters

We install and replace gravity gas heater any size of BTU ,we can replace and repair venting.


Replace and install tankless water heater

We will replace your old tank water heater with a new tankless water heater ,the advantages :go green , save on your gas bill,never run out of hot water, big saver on space,last longer the a tank heater.

Replace and install tank heaters

We also replace tank heater with the same type of heater,by removing the old one and hauling it a way ,and installing the new one at the same location or a t a new location.

Replace and install commercial heaters

We replace commercial water heaters for apartment buildings,HOA , and condominium boilers storage tanks and circulation systems.


Sal Plumbing and rooter is a full service provider of new construction and remodeling , from ABS plastic and cast iron drainage and copper water piping systems gas lines,faucet installation ,sewage pumps and basins we do it all.

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