Sewer Damage? Here’s How To Tell


Your property’s sewer line is an essential function to help keep the place sanitary. Sewers are there to hold wastewaters and keep them out of your home and ensure cleanliness in your home. It is very common to need sewer repairs after a certain amount of years, due to damage or natural conditions. Sal Plumbing, a sewer installation company, is here to educate you on specific signs that show yours is in need of some TLC.

4 Signs of Sewer Issues

There are puddles of water around your property. Having small pools of water is entirely normal after heavy rain or a storm, as it often takes time for water to soak back into the ground. But, if there is no rain and you are experiencing pools of water around your property, it may be a sewer issue. Sometimes, if sewer pipes are close to the surface of your property, it is easier for water to remain on the surface. Your line will most definitely need to be repaired or replaced.

A large number of bugs or critters are surrounding your property. Unfortunately, one of the essential ways insects survive is from the sewer. They feed off it and rely on it, which is why you can find them around the sewage area. If you are noticing a swarm of bugs or critters around your home, you may need to call Sal Plumbing for inspection.

sewer line

There are unpleasant smells around your property. Sewers smell bad, but if built right and functioning correctly, you will not experience these awful smells. Often, when a pipe leaks from the sewer line, there is a stench that follows. If the stink is only in a small area of your home, it may be easy to perform a simple leak repair. If it is in larger areas, a new sewer installation might be necessary.

Lastly, slow drainage in your home could be a result of a damaged sewer line. Have you turned on your sink and noticed the water drains very slowly? Have you flushed your toilet and saw that it takes a while for the water to go down? These issues can mean you may need a repair job by a professional.

An additional service that Sal Plumbing offers for sewer work is a video inspection. Our professional team can see what is going on with sewers through a particular camera, where we can quickly detect the problem. Are you ready to fix your sewer and improve your property? Call our sewer installation company today for a free estimate!

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