What Does Trenchless Mean?

What does trenchless pipe repair mean?

Common sewer line issue are from tree roots or aging and deteriorating pipes. If you have ever had broken or clogged main sewer line, you the pipe that runs underground through your yard, you will appreciate trenchless plumbing repair. What is trenchless pipe repair? It is how plumbers can fix those broken or clogged sewer lines – without destroying the yard. 

Remember how they plumber had to bring in a backhoe then completely destroyed your landscaping? With trenchless plumbing repair, sewer pipes can be repaired without having to that destructive and messy digging now. Today’s technology has arrived in the plumbing industry! 

Trenchless plumbing repair isn’t brand new really, they’ve been using it in Europe with slip lining method since the 1940s. It was in the 1970s before it took off when structural pipe lining was introduced.  That is a technique of pipe rehabilitation that is repairs sewer lines with minimal invasiveness. Yes, trenchless plumbing repair mean no more  major excavation work, in most cases. 

What is trenchless plumbing?

When a sewer line needs repair because of damaged fittings or tree roots cracking  the sewer lines,  restoring the service is a lot of work. Tradition has always dictated this meant digging and excavating the yard to get down to the sewer lines.  Today, trenchless plumbing repair has eliminated the need to do that in almost all situations. It is now done by technology known as pipe bursting or pipe lining.

  • The pipe bursting technology is when the plumber uses a machine to break out the old pipe and lays new pipe simultaneously behind it. This is done by creating a hole where the new sewer line of the exact diameter is inserted and a hole where the line will connect to the sewer main. 
  • The pipe lining technology is the use of a coated, flexible pipe that is blown or pulled through the existing pipe and is inflated. Then the resin coating hardens in place and creates a new pipe within the busted, old pipe. The diameter is slightly reduced, by approximately a ¼”, and only requires one hole to be made. 

How does trenchless water line repair work?, What is trenchless pipe replacement?

So many questions about this new technology!  When the plumber tells you that your home needs new water pipe, it is the same dread fear of needing new sewer line repair. Fortunately, the same trenchless plumbing repair is used for water lines that we’ve described for sewer lines too. 

It used to be when a plumber advised you of new water lines, the image of big earth moving equipment would pull up in your yard and start digging. Then that night it would rain, fill the hole the plumber left with water and you’d have to wait an extra day, or more, for the job to be completed. 

With trenchless plumbing repair technology today, your landscaping will stay intact while your plumbing is repaired or replaced. How does this technology work? 

Trenchless plumbing repair for water lines is done by first is cleaning the existing pipe insides with the use of pipeline cameras and a specialized technique. The pipeline inspection camera allows the plumber to see what’s going by a monitor connected to the camera. Once they have located where and what the problem is, specialized tools are used to clean the precise area out. 

Next, the plumber will use this relatively new technique and place new pipe within the broken, clogged existing pipe using a hose and a small machine that has been specially designed for this purpose. It sprays a liquid plastic, epoxy, which hardens fast and seals old leaks, small cracks, and tiny pinholes, including where a tree root has busted through and disrupted the pipe.

Is pipe relining worth it?       

The horror stories that every homeowner has heard and dread about pipe repair can now be put to rest. That busted pipe no longer has to involve destroying your home, landscaping, and life. 

Ladies and gentlemen, we introduce you to nontraditional plumbing repair method that shortens project times and does away with those deep trenches. When you compare Trenchless pipe repair vs traditional, you’ll find that this new technology of sewer and water  relining solutions are just what every homeowners has wished for: Trenchless plumbing repair. What is so great about this new technology? Keep reading: 

  • Money Saver: The plumbing company doesn’t have to dig up your driveway or yard, using huge equipment with days of labor, destroying your landscaping. Trenchless plumbing repair uses a relining process that includes recoating the existing pipe with an epoxy that expands and then hardens. Best part, it is done without the huge holes and trenches. 
  • Time Saver: Plumbers charge by the hour, that is a huge expense when they have to dig underground to get to the problem. In some cases, it can take one day and other cases, it can take weeks. With trenchless plumbing repair, the job can be in a few hours now! 
  • Nonintrusive: Traditional repair of sewer lines or water lines required a backhoe to dig deep and long trenches before the plumber could make the repair or lay the replacement piping. The street would have to be blocked off, making your neighbors life miserable too. With Trenchless plumbing repair, the plumber gets it all done with little landscaping destroyed and no traffic blocking!
  • Extended Life: Because sewer and water pipe relining is so durable, it has a longer lifespan than the original pipes. Relining the pipe with Trenchless plumbing repair can actually outlive the sewer system with pipes that are corrosion-resistant by as long as 50 years!
  • Environmentally Friendly: All that ground digging the traditional way disturbed the environment and released possible contaminants. This Trenchless plumbing repair method doesn’t require added chemicals, even the epoxy used to line the pipe is environmentally friendly. There isn’t any waste of concrete or old pipes hauled to the landfill either. 

The Downside: There isn’t any! pipe lining and Trenchless plumbing repair keep everything you love about your home and yard intact and you won’t lose your water pressure either.  

How long does trenchless sewer repair last?

Trenchless plumbing repair techniques plumbers are using today are designed to last for as little as 50 years and as long as 100 years. Imagine, you’ll never have to worry with your sewer lines or water lines again as long as you live in the same house! 

Where do you find a plumber that utilizes these Trenchless plumbing repair techniques? Search the internet for “Plumbers that know How to repair a pipe without digging”, and you’ll have a list to start calling for estimates and inspections. Call (818) 975-2131 today.