How Do You Fix A Water Line?

Will a slow water leak seal itself?

Water is a natural resource and not something any of us need to waste. Whether you have a toilet that keeps running after its flushed and filled or you have an underground water leak, you are wasting water. Getting water line repair as soon as possible should be a priority for everyone. 

A water leak should be a daunting problem until you have it fixed. Why? Because the water meter is spinning away towards hundreds of dollars every minute. Even a slight drip can cause a lot of damage over time, even create a flood when a water line repair is ignored. Yes, calling a plumber could cost you hundreds of dollars for a water line break repair, but that is cheap in comparison to what could happen. 

Will a water leak eventually stop? Maybe, if the water in your home has a high mineral content, then yes, it is possible that it will create a temporary repair around the water pipe repair fittings. Where a water leak repair won’t happen by itself is in the water pipe itself. If by any chance enough mineral deposits collect to do a self-water line repair, it will definitely be a temporary fix until the water pressure becomes great enough to bust that mineral deposit collected at the break or around the fittings. 

How do you know if your main water line is leaking?

As much as ninety gallons of water a day are wasted from water leaks according to the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency). Those 90 gallons of water are coming from 10% of the homes in this country, each needing water line repairs. Is your home one of those ten percent? Keep reading and you learn 7 things to check to find out if your main water line is part of that water waste: 

  • Water Puddles: Unexplained water puddles on the floor or under the sink are usually an indication of a main water line leak that needs water line repair now. An underground broken water line is indicated by a puddle in the yard when the rest of the yard is dry, or you notice water gushing in the street from your house, or a sidewalk with wet spots that can’t be explained, like the water sprinkler isn’t on. 
  • Bubbling,  Hissing, Whistling Sounds: You won’t always see water when you have a water leak. Water pipes that have banging, bubbling, gurgling, hissing, and whistling sounds is an indication that something isn’t right, and it frequently is from a broken water line. These strange noises are telling you that you need a plumber and water line repair now, not later. 
  • Low Water Pressure: If the water pressure in the bathtub, shower, or sinks has gotten weak recently, you may need a water line repaired or unclogged. 
  • Ceiling & Walls Have Water Damage: Water stains on the ceiling could be a roof leak, or if a bathroom is located above those stains, there could be a water line busted. The same with water stains on the walls, it could be a leaking roof, or it could be from an upstairs bathroom. Either way, you need a water line repair soon. 
  • Mildew &  Mold: When you hear M&M in the plumbing industry, it isn’t the popular candy. This is mildew & mold and when they are present, there is a water leak somewhere and that moisture build up has mildewed the surface, allowing mold to form. The damage that mildew and mold can do to your home is expensive and it creates an unhealthy setting for your family. 
  • Discolored Water: The water to your home will become discolored when there is a  water line breaks and that discoloration is from contaminants like dirt getting access to the water source. This discolored water can be harmful if consumed. Getting this type of water line repair is important for your family’s health. 
  • Water Bill Spike: If you haven’t noticed any of the signs we’ve mentioned already, you’ll notice a spike in your water bill. Any unexplained or unexpected water bill spike should be investigated, and attention paid to any water line repairs needed. 

How do you find a leak in an underground water line?

“Out of sight, out of mind” is not the right philosophy or theory when it comes to needing water line repairs. If something seems wrong, like the water bill shooting up all of the sudden, act now before the annoying issue becomes a major problem: 

  1. Water Meter Check 
  • Turn off all water access point inside and around the outside of your home. 
  • Watch the water meter needle and if it is spinning, you have a water leak. 
  • If there isn’t a needle, write down the reading and then check it again in 30 minutes. If has increased, you have a water leak. 
  1. Look for underground leaks like water pooling on the lawn, listen for water dripping or running under the house. Do you have areas in the yard with dark, lush, and thick grass or do you have sink holes? Is the water pressure dropping lately? Or if you have air, dirt, or rust coming from of the faucets, you need water line repair now.
  2. Professional leak detection by a professional plumber is recommended if you have any of the things listed above. 

How do you fix underground water pipes?

The days of having to dig your entire lawn up to find perform water line repair job are almost non-existing. Today, plumbers can often do a water line repair method that is trenchless. They dig a small hole and insert a pipe that is acrylic, or resin coated and push it into the busted water pipe. Once it is in place, they expand the new pipe, and it creates a new pipe within the old pipe. 

Does homeowners insurance cover main water line replacement?

Water line repairs are not covered by most homeowner’s insurance policies. For an example, if you need repair water line to toilet, the repair or cleanup of damage caused won’t be covered. However, if your home needs any water line repair or replaced that was caused by a sudden, unexpected natural disaster, like an earthquake, that caused significant damage, the repair and cleanup may be covered by your homeowner’s insurance. Each policy varies and each insurance company has certain stipulations. It is recommended to look at your policy from time to time so that you know where things stand should this happen to you. 

When you have a water leak, it is important to address the matter immediately with water line repair yourself or call a plumber.  A water leak that isn’t addressed can cause more damage than the busted water line. Call (818) 975-2131 today for your water line repair in Sherman Oaks, CA.