What Is Considered A Plumbing Fixture?

Defining plumbing fixtures

There is often confusion between plumbing fixtures and fittings, are they one in the same, or are they different? Perhaps the same could be said about plumbing fixtures and faucets being confused as one in the same too? So, let’s take a moment to clarify what that plumbing industry considers to be plumbing fixtures. 

Pipe fittings are used to attach pipes to each other, lengthen a pipe run or change the direction the water will flow within a plumbing system. Plumbing fittings combine, divert, or reduce water flow and are ina variety of sizes to fit a variety of pipe sizes. Plumbing fitting “fit” plumbing pieces together.

Plumbing fixtures are part of the plumbing system we know today. They have a primary function of plumbing fixtures to move water from one area of your home to another area with a distinct and particular use. Each plumbing fixture has a general design and function. There are 5 basic and common plumbing fixtures in every home and if you’re reading this article, chances are you’ve used each of these at least once today:

  • Bathtub
  • Faucets
  • Showers
  • Sinks
  • Toilet

Today, here in America, and in other countries, there are other plumbing fixtures and their uses that aren’t as common, like the bidet.  Here in this country, the bidet has made a resurgence in higher-end, custom built homes, but has been in use in Europe for decades. 

Every plumbing fixture in a house has a specific function and use, like the kitchen faucet. We use the kitchen faucet to clean and cook, whereas the toilet, another plumbing fixture has its own function and use. Nowhere in a normal day would you confuse one with the other, right? Well, until somebody gets on TikTok with a challenge anyway. Professional plumbers are waiting for those phone calls! 

So, is a water heater a plumbing fixture?  While the water heater is part of your home’s plumbing system, it not typically considered to be a plumbing fixture. In real estate, the water heater is a ‘permeant’ fixture in a house because it is connected and fixed to the house. 

What bathroom fixtures are popular?

Without a doubt, we’d have to say the toilet and the sink are the most popular bathroom plumbing fixtures, right?  Otherwise, we’d be in the woods with the bears, and well, we don’t want to go there. From there we’ll say the bathtub and shower are an even tie.  

Some prefer a shower, but as it is thought Winston Churchill said, “Why stand when you can sit?”, others prefer a bathtub. (What he actually said was, “Economy of effort. Never stand up when you can sit down, and never sit down when you can lie down.”). 

When it comes to which is the better plumbing fixtures, the bathtub or the shower, square footage concerns, a shower takes up less and a shower uses less water, so environmentally, the shower wins. Today, when we see home renovation shows, and the homes being built today, they lean toward a separate stand-alone shower and a separate bathtub. In this manner, a home has both options. 

What are the best bathroom fixtures?

Once you have your shower, sink, and toilet installed, the plumbing fixtures that become more than functional hardware. They are the statement and style; They are what can save water and complement the appeal of the bathroom. 

Here we have the 2021 ratings for bathroom faucets: 

  • Best Overall: Moen Banbury 2-Handle Bathroom Faucet 
  • Best Budget: Glacier Bay Constructor Centerset Low-Arc Bathroom Faucet 
  • Best Single-Hole Faucet: VIGO Satro Single Hole Bathroom Faucet 
  • Best Splurge: KOHLER Purist 8 in. Widespread 2-Handle Bathroom Faucet 
  • Best Single Handle: Moen Eva One-Handle Bathroom Faucet 
  • Best Touchless: Gangang Touch Free Automatic Sensor Faucet 

What are the best shower faucets?

When you get ready to buy any new plumbing fixtures, the shower faucet should have a lot of forethought in the form and function. Here are the most popular choose for 2021: 

  • SUMERAIN  – Shower Faucet Brushed Nickel,
  • SUMERAIN – Shower Faucet Brushed Nickel
  • Delta Faucet – T14294-RB Linden 14 Series
  • DELTA – Windemere Single-Function Tub and Shower Kit
  • SR SUN RISE – 10 Inches Bathroom Luxury Rain Mixer Shower Combo 
  • EMBATHER – Shower System- Brushed Nickel Shower Faucet Set
  • SR SUN RISE – SRSH-F5043 Bathroom Luxury Rain Mixer Combo Set Wall

What are the best faucet brands?

You want to get the best your budget can afford when it comes to plumbing fixtures, especially the faucets.  The faucets, along with the toilet, will get the most workout of anything. The following are the well-known brands, and for a reason, and not in any particular order:

  • Delta Faucets
  • Kohler
  • Moen
  • Pfister 
  • American Standard

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