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Can You Fix A Broken Pipe?

Can you fix a broken water pipe?


Broken pipes often cause leaks, and leaks cause your water bill to skyrocket. If a pipe has burst or broken behind a wall or under your foundation, this can be a major fix requiring a plumber. Temporary broken pipe repair, in some instances,is possible, as long as you have the skills, tools, and right material. For many modern homes, your pipes will probably be made of PVC material. To make a temporary repair on PVC pipes you can follow the steps below:

  • Buy a PVC slide repair coupling designed for the same size of piping in your home.
  • Since you’ll probably have a leak because of the broken pipe, you’ll want to turn off the nearest water supply before you ever get started on the repair. Switching off the water supply is useful even if you have a plumber coming out and can speed up repairs.
  • Make sure the affected water lines are drained once the water is shut off.
  • The slide coupling is then attached to the piston end of the slip fix and compress it.
  • To determine where you need to cut the broken pipe, place the slip fix against the pipe and mark the pipe at either end of the fix.
  • Use PVC pipe cutters to remove the damaged section of pipe.
  • To soften the PVC, apply PVC primer to the piston end of the slip fix and slip coupling.
  • After the primer is applied, solvent cement is applied to the slip coupling and slip fix.
  • Push the slip pieces together until they are flush, and then turn the coupling ¼ of the way around the piston end. Hold the pieces together for 4 to 5 seconds, and wipe off excess solvent with a rag.
  • Apply the primer and solvent to the coupling and one end of the repair pipe.
  • The coupling is installed over the repair pipe.
  • Repeat the primer and solvent process on the other end of the repair pipe and connect the piston end to this end of the pipe.
  • Let the solvent dry and then flush the water lines.

Without the right tools and materials busted, rusted and broken pipe repair in Sherman Oaks, CA can be overwhelming. When you need expert plumbing professionals to repair your broken pipes, give SAL Plumbing and Rooter Inc. a call at (818) 975-2131.


Broken pipe repair kit


It’s always good to have tools and materials available for broken pipe repair. A quick, temporary repair can make all the difference, and maybe save you from costly repairs later. Even wrapping duct tape around pinhole leaks can save you in a pinch until a plumbing professional can arrive for a full repair. Other materials you may want to keep around are epoxy putty and pipe repair clamps. Couplings and materials like resin permeated fiberglass tape are also handy to keep around. Also, make sure you have a good wrench and pipe cutters available.


How to repair broken pipe in wall


One of the common places where pipe breaks occur is behind a wall. It’s usually best to get a professional out to make the broken pipe repair because the wall will have to be removed to make the repair. A plumber will have the right material and tools to make the repair. If the leak is severe enough, however, to have burst through the wall, one of the first things you can do to spare yourself further water damage is to cut off the water and drain out the lines. You may want to wrap a sheet around the pipe to find out the exact location of the leak and place a bucket or other container under the pipe to catch anything that drips out.


How to repair broken pipe in slab


Another common area where leaks often occur and broken pipe repair is necessary. Most of the time these repairs require a professional to repair. Usually the repairs require the plumber to dig through the foundation after detecting the leak and making the repair, or the plumber can tunnel under the slab after locating the break. If the foundation has to be dug through, it will have to be repaired as well, and the flooring replaced. Finding the leak is one of the more difficult aspects of the repair. Plumbers often use specialized listening devices to listen for air escaping after water is forced out of the pipe. Plumbers may also use special cameras or thermal devices to locate the leak. Without the right equipment, it’s rare that such repairs can be made by yourself.


How do you fix a broken pipe outside?


Typically when a pipe breaks outside, it’s either a main water line or a sewer line. Broken sewer pipe repair is a difficult task. Plumbers usually have one of two options to make the repair. You can either dig up the pipes, find the leak and repair the pipes, or you can perform one of two types of trenchless pipe repair. With trenchless repair, the damage pipe doesn’t need to be exposed through digging. All that’s required is one or two access points need to be dug. Then the broken pipe can either be relined by sending an epoxy-coated flexible pipe down the old pipe, and allowing the epoxy to dry and solidify or a new pipe can be pushed through the old pipe, bursting it, with the new pipe replacing it.


How long does it take to fix a broken water pipe?


The amount of time it takes for broken pipe repair will vary. It depends on the severity of the break and the location of the pipe. A broken pipe under the sink might take less than an hour to repair. A main water line could take anywhere between four hours or up to a day or more, depending on where the pipe is located. Once the pipe is repaired, you’ll also have to repair walls or foundation or landscaping that has to be removed to make the pipe repair.


How much does it cost to repair a broken water pipe?


Costs for broken pipe repair will vary depending on the location and severity of the break. A simple leak could cost anywhere between $50 to $250, whereas a leak under your home’s foundation could cost as much as $4,000. If you have older piping, you may want to repipe the whole house, which could cost as much as $15,000.


Does homeowners insurance cover pipes that burst?


What homeowners insurance covers when it comes to repairs can be complicated. Many home repairs like roof repairs fall under the category of covered perils, such as hail or fire. In the case of broken pipes, the repairs normally will be covered if the pipe burst suddenly. On the other hand, if the pipe has broken because your plumbing system is old or in disrepair, it won’t be covered. Check with your insurance company to find out exactly what’s covered in your policy.


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