Pipe Lining

inside of sewage collector pipe

Fix Damaged Pipes Without Replacements

Pipe lining is an essential repair option to consider when attempting to repair cracks and other damages inside a pipe instead of full-on pipe replacement. SAL Plumbing and Rooter Inc. has the tools and equipment to make sure that this process is handled with utmost skill and professionalism. Have your pipes repaired with pipe lining in Sherman Oaks, CA. Call our team at 818-980-5570 to schedule an appointment and to get a plumbing inspection.

How Pipe Lining Works

Epoxy pipe lining is often used as an alternative to replacing old pipes. The lining process involves coating the inside of your pipes with an epoxy resin which will seal off pinholes and corrosion. It will attempt to repair pipes by curing them until the resin hardens and forms another pipe within the damaged pipe. You’ll have a better flow of water, avoid digging your landscape, and seal of cracks with this method. If you have damages with your pipe line like a burst pipe, contact our team of plumbers for help.

We’re here to provide you with secure pipe lining in Sherman Oaks, CA.

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SAL Plumbing and Rooter Inc. is ready to get your pipes back into good conditions. Don’t let cracks, corrosion, or pinholes spark a leak or pipe break. Count on a professional for pipe lining in Sherman Oaks, CA. With a team of trained and certified plumbers, you’ll get the results you want. We’re here to get you set up with plumbing services at 818-980-5570. Call us today.