Whole Home Repiping

For whole house repiping services, SAL Plumbing and Rooter Inc. are the best in your area.

Whole House Repiping Services

Sometimes after a home inspection, it can be determined that a complete replacement of pipes is needed. This decision is usually made when a house is older and cosmetic repairs have been made, but internal repairs have not. SAL Plumbing and Rooter Inc. can help with this. We have experience with whole house repiping in the Sherman Oaks, CA area. Call us today, 818-980-5570, to schedule an appointment.

Whole Home Repiping

You may be wondering, when exactly is whole home repiping necessary? That sounds long and costly. The need for whole house repiping is usually determined after an inspection where galvanized or out of date piping is found, like galvanized or lead piping. Galvanized pipes are commonly found in homes built during the 1950s or earlier. If this kind of piping is found, it will usually be recommended to replace them as soon as possible. Galvanized pipes are known to break, leak, and cause damages much sooner than most alternative piping materials. Additionally, most insurance carriers will not insure a home that has galvanized piping and will recommend replacing the pipes. And of course, lead pipes are not safe and should replaced as soon as possible.

For whole house repiping in the Sherman Oaks, CA area, call SAL Plumbing and Rooter Inc.. We have expert knowledge to replace any plumbing material throughout an entire home, including copper piping. Or, if you are looking to save some money but still have quality piping, we do also specialize in PEX piping. With either option, you can be sure of a quality and reliable replacement from SAL Plumbing and Rooter Inc..

SAL Plumbing and Rooter Inc. are the experts when it comes to copper or PEX piping replacements.

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We understand that whole home repiping can get costly and feel even more inconvenient. That is why our plumbing team works on a strict schedule to make sure our work doesn’t interfere with your day-to-day activities. For home repiping services, we offer competitive pricing as well as excellent customer service. Find out why so many homeowners rely on SAL Plumbing and Rooter Inc. for whole house repiping in Sherman Oaks, CA. Call our office today, 818-980-5570, and speak with a plumber.