Sewer Line Cleaning and Replacement

SAL Plumbing and Rooter Inc. use trenchless sewer line cleaning options.

Sewer Line Services

Plumbing issues never seem to come at a convenient time, especially when water and waste seem to be coming back up in random places. If you are experiencing any issues with drainage, you may have a sewer line clog. Contact SAL Plumbing and Rooter Inc., 818-980-5570, for sewer line cleaning in Sherman Oaks, CA area.

Sewer Line Cleaning

Through a sewer camera inspection can determine condition of a sewer line. This eliminates a huge part of the old process, which was guessing and digging without really knowing what was going on. With the camera inspection can determine if we sewer line cleaning is needed or if it’s time for a sewer line replacement. How can you tell your sewer line is clogged?

  • Multiple backed up drains: If toilet, sink, bathtub, and/or shower drains are moving slowly, gurgling, smell bad, or have waste backup then your sewer line may be clogged.
  • Drainage in sewer clean out: The “sewer cleanout” gives plumbers direct access to the sewer line without the need to immediately dig or excavate. If there is drainage or waste back up in the cleanout, then the sewer line is clogged.
  • Sewage in the floor drain: When the sewer line is clogged, that waste has nowhere to go. It needs to find a secondary route, which means that you’ll eventually be able to smell the waste that is possibly coming up your floor drains.
  • Water backs up in random places: A clog means the waste can’t go where it is supposed to, so it has to find a new place. If you notice the bathtub overflowing when you flush the toilet, there is a sewer line clog.

To clean your sewer line, SAL Plumbing and Rooter Inc. offer a few options. Possibly the best to avoid the need for a sewer line replacement is to utilize trenchless sewer line cleaning. With this way, we use hydrojetting to powerfully and thoroughly clean the sewer line.

Let SAL Plumbing and Rooter Inc. help with your sewer line cleaning and replacement needs.

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If you need a sewer line cleaning in Sherman Oaks, CA, reach out to SAL Plumbing and Rooter Inc.. We are experienced and ready to help. Call our office, 818-980-5570, for more information.